Tuned-In Trivia is designed to increase business in restaurants and bars during times that would otherwise be slow.  Sunday through Thursday evenings, after your regular dinner crowd, are excellent times to build a repeat customer base.  Our proven methods and exclusive technology have been formulated over the last several years to maximize the greatest potential and return on your hard earned dollars. 


Your karaoke DJ will keep the party rolling by preparing the songs, organizing the singers, and encouraging you and your guests to participate.  Karaoke is great for guests of all ages. The song lyrics scroll across the TV screen while you sing to the music of your favorite band or artist. We bring the song books, speakers, mics, songs, and a TV monitor with on-screen lyrics! + we kick it up a notch by helping everyone sound like a star with AutoTune!


Whether you are looking for Hip Hop, Electronic, Techno, Pop or Funk, or any other style of music – we have it all!

With the ability to read a crowd and mix that sound, guests love to hit the dance floor and request their favorite songs to be played.

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