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A Wedding in the City <3 The Ben, West Palm Beach

The air was electric as we arrived at The Ben Hotel in West Palm Beach, ready to bring music and life to Mr. and Mrs. Renteria's special day. The Ben, with its blend of modern luxury and historical charm, was the perfect backdrop for a wedding that promised to be as vibrant and memorable as the couple themselves. We were introduced to Kassandra & Jose by a couple we DJ'd for back in 2020. We couldn't wait to bring the same Airwave magic to their wedding day!!

As guests began to arrive, the sun set over the Intracoastal Waterway, painting the sky in hues of pink and orange. The Ben’s rooftop, with its stunning views of the Palm Harbor Marina, was an idyllic setting for the evening with our uplighting to finish off the decor!

After a beautiful ceremony, the night began with a choreographed first dance, dinner & toasts... then party time!! We blended classics with contemporary pop hits that brought energy and vibrancy. The highlight, however, was the inclusion of Spanish music, which added a lively and culturally rich dimension to the dance floor. We loved bringing everyone together, young & old through music. We also loved all of the fun photos that came out from the mirror photobooth!

We ended the night with a streamer send-off in the lobby wishing these two a beautiful married life!!!

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