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Remix Your Christmas Party This Year with These DJ Holiday Hits

While we all love a good "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey sing-a-long session, and dream of a "White Christmas" with The Drifters, we encourage you to change your playlist up this year!

Check out our top 10 underrated Christmas DJ hits, sure to spice up your egg nog and get you and your party guests grooving!


Ding Dong - Dirty Doering, Sascha Cawa

The haunting rhythm of this remix is perfect for sampling and getting heads bopping to the beat.

Charlie Brown Cut Up - Colossus

Colussus serves up a scratch & go flavor to the classic Charlie Brown Christmas. The last 30 seconds are pure fire!

Jingle Bells Trap - Trap City, Steviie Wonder, Keanu

Trap definitely earns it's spot in the holiday playlist with this spin on Jingle Bells.

Came To Party On The Rooftop - Kennedy Jones

Rock around the Christmas Tree with this dance worthy hit, mixed by the one and only DJ Kennedy Jones.

Here Comes Santa Klaus - DJ Klaus Noel

DJ Klaus Noel's remixes are a staple in our holiday playlist. Check out one of our favorites, Here Comes Santa Klaus remix!

Have an awesome holiday season and party on!

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